The Cast...thus far

Welcome to Spiritton University, the most haunted college in the country. It's time to meet the cast, so I hope everyone is taking notes because you might be quizzed at the end of the page.

Keri Silverton
Keri is the eldest child of a middle-class family. She's been looking forward to attending Spiritton since she was accepted. Unfortunately, she didn't read the fine print and was surprised to find herself attending the most haunted haunted college in the country. Now she's trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy while weird things happen around her.

Autumn Kraus
Autumn is the middle child of a military family. She's lived all over the world, including Japan. As Keri's roommate, she tries to help her adjust to the haunted campus as well as college life. She is not alone in this endeavor; her pet fox, Kento also lends a yeah. Her older sister Summer also attends Spiritton.

Kento the Fox (kistune)
Kento is Autumn's pet fox. He traveled with her to college to avoid Mrs. Kraus' desire to dress him up in ribbons, baby bonnets and booties. Adorable beyond belief, this creature has a hidden secret. He actually can change form from fox to man. This little secret has caused a bit of anxiety between Keri and Autumn. So far it looks like things are going well.

Sariel (the Demon)
Sariel was summoned accidentally by Keri while she was attempting to make a protection ward. Not much is known about him at this time except he must protect Keri (yes that is a male).

Toby Robinson
Toby lives across the hall from Keri and Autumn with his roommate Sean. He's the quiet type, but beneath his nice guy attitude lurks a computer and video game nut. Recently he's been forced to get a job at the campus Dining Center to pay for parts for a new super computer he's building.

Sean Colforbe
Sean is Toby's roommate. He knows a lot about the campus and seems to enjoys helping the girls out. He's also the son of the Brownies' hero, Colforbe the Brave. He's agreed to help Gwarwyn out, if nothing else to show up his father.

A Brownie that is on a quest to find Colforbe the Brave, a hero from thirty years ago that saved his village (which is located under the university) from a great evil. A new evil has appeared and he hopes that Colforbe can be found in time. But finding the hero is more difficult than he thought.

Summer Kraus
Autumn's older sister, she's a sophmore at Spiritton and a member of the Nu Psi Phi sorority. A touch cynical and a bit evil, she enjoys making the rival sororities on campus scream.

Jae ???
Jae is Summer's sorority sister at Nu Psi Phi. She's Summer's right hand assissant when it comes to dealing with other sororities.

Locke ???
Locke is Summer and Jae's friend and a member of Psi Phi, which is Nu Psi Phi's brother fraternity.

Maggie ???
Maggie lives on the third floor of Wessler Hall. She is Keri, Autumn, Toby and Sean's friendly RA (Resident Advisor). Her main duties are to keep order on her floor, help with any problems residents might have, organize the weekly floor meetings and keep an eye out for contraband, such as illegal pets.

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